Why other people hate to see you succeed

Not many people have believed in me
When I tell them what I know,
Or what I could accomplish 
They laugh at me,
They mock me
They condescend to me
And tell me I am stupid
That gives me fuel to show them
An idiot will accomplish more than they ever have
In a single second of my existence 

So why listen to someone when they put you down? Why would you believe the words of other people? You’re going to believe someone because they can’t accomplish their dreams? They gave up on their dreams, because they didn’t believe they are good enough, so they tell you, that you are not good enough… let it go. Accept people are jealous and they just want to feel good about themselves, so they will put you down, because deep inside they feel as if they are worth nothing, they have to deflect, hide, and run, to not let you see who they really are. They believe they are worth nothing, and deeply despise their existence. They see an ounce of light in you, and they have to kill that flame; because their flame has died a long time ago. They can’t bear to see someone succeed, because that reinforces the fact they believe they have no inherent value. They are weak people, the saddest and most pathetic. I wouldn’t dare subject myself to someone else’s abuse. 

They have no mind of their own, they’re a lost little sheep looking for the salvation they lost. They need to fill in the gaps of their own abandonment, and be self righteous to burn you to a bit of sorrow and sadness. And think about it for a second, why would someone put you down if they felt so amazing about themselves? They would bring you up, they would value you, because that’s what love is, it’s unconditional value for who you are. But they unconditionally hate themselves, no matter where they end up, they are disgusted, that’s unconditional hatred. 

Your goal should be to love yourself, don't kill any part of you to fit a box, don’t try to protect yourself and neglect the emotions of others, don’t fill in the dialogue of other people and assume that’s how they act because they have a hatred for you. Accept that people will do the things they do, and it has nothing to do with you. Most people have no idea what they are in, they have no idea what looks back at them in the mirror, they neglect to understand their life, so realize their opinions have everything to do with them. Success in others, is why they hate themselves.