About Lobo

 Unique streetwear, vibrant colors, and artistic designs. Lobo is reinventing the clothes you see when you walk down the street. Under the creative vision of GiGi, we are changing streetwear. We are creating a sustainable luxury brand, as we do not create clothes that are not purchased. We are trying to revolutionize the industry with unique and artistic designs that will have someone ask what brand you are wearing.

     My name is GiGi. I am the CEO of Lobo New York. I founded Lobo when I was 17 years old. I started Lobo originally as the Director of design, however I took Lobo into my arms when the business fell apart. I am a self taught artist and I started my passion for art when I was 13. I am currently in school for Business Administration and I plan to eventually get my second college degree in marketing. I designed Lobo's website and clothing. My dream is to see people wear my clothes when I walk down the street. 


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