About Lobo

Lobo is my passion, because Lobo is how I self actualize, I am Lobo.


I created Lobo when I was around 17 years old. I love fashion and makeup. I see fashion as a form of self expression, and the way I show my face to the world. I was very interested in computer science, and the technicalities of computers. My name is Gihan Ibrahim, and I wasn’t much of a fashion person growing up. I tended to wear all black as a way to not be seen. My art wasn’t like that at all though, I loved colors and that’s all I wanted to see in the world. Eventually, I met a friend of a friend, and they wanted me to join their fashion company, it was called Lobo. It didn’t work out, and I ended up taking the company for myself, because I felt like I was the only one that could live out its full potential, and here I am today. My style of clothing went from plain black, to colorful and vibrant, the way I see myself. There is only one designer for Lobo and one web designer, it’s me, Gihan. When you buy my clothes you are supporting me, and only me. I am the only one who markets my own products, I am the only one that makes the designs for my products, I am the only one writing the articles for Lobo, I am 100% responsible for Lobo. I am currently looking for investors. If you are interested in investing in Lobo, email me at Gihan7575@gmail.com.



Gihan Ibrahim

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Thank you for supporting my passion.