Welcome to the wall of poetry;
Poems written by; Gigi

My mind is the only obstacle;

Which, keeps me from my success

And my victimhood amplifies it

What am I going to accomplish if I lay here;

Then wait for someone to pull me out of this rut?

It’s my choice if I want to lay down and die

No one can help me,

Except myself

I need to change-

I am responsible for my life

My choices, my relationships,

My limiting beliefs, my self talk

I am responsible for all of it;

Therefore It is my responsibility 

For my success 


There is no point in running from you anymore;

Anything or anyone 

I’ll dive straight into the water

Regardless if you liked the approach

Because, I didn’t care if anything,

Or anyone found it crude, or charismatic 


I put my hand in the fire

And I knew it would burn the hair off my skin

But I am strong like steel,

Intimidating like a concord battleship

I am capable of taking any wall down,

And my reality will prove that so

I can achieve anything I ever wanted


I am stronger than you 
And I respect myself more in second than you did in a thousand hours 
My self worth holds all my power 
I will not break
 I will smile the next day,
You cannot break me,
 I am fearless;
 Nor will I ever give up
 My cup is full 
No matter how hard you try to break my spirit
 You will never tear me down,
 Or get anywhere near it 
I am enough because my body and soul are beautiful
 My life is fruitful 
I am stronger than you 
You will never tear me down 
I am strong as bedrock 
You will never see me cry 
Nor will you see me lay down and die 
Because I am stronger than you

I saw right through him

His eyes pierced through me;

Like a hollow bullet

Frozen, dark, like a black hole

Without words or touch,

Something came over me 

That made me shiver 

It killed me inside 

And he had me washing my body

With hot water and soap

After he explored my insecurity 

With his hollow gaze 

He had no respect for the dead or alive

He wanted me to turn into him;

Dead inside