The Kardashian Curse

The Kardashians are the farthest humans from reality; narcissism and the destruction of our society


We as a society, we create standards that we must abide by. Every human has a fantasy of what they should appear as, their imagination, social status, especially surface level emotions, especially appearance. Sometimes, we create standards that, in reality, are farthest from humanity. We create standards that deviate to an unnatural experience that we want ourselves to accomplish; every human is narcissistic, we all want to have an image of divinity. But regardless, we are mere humans. We all have an expiration date. We will never be god, because we are human.
I think the Kardashians have let narcissism consume their psychology; every action they complete is focusing on a narcissistic idealization, with a micro expression of sorrow and misery. You must get plastic surgery, a Brazilian butt lift, and major face altering procedures, to fill the void of being an exploited daughter of Kris Kardashian. If you happen to be a Kardashian, nothing you ever accomplished is good enough, and if you are, it’s for a short timeline of your life. Get more plastic surgery, photoshop yourself more, create the insecurity of yourself in others, so you can manipulate the world to fill the void.
Kim Kardashian without photoshop


The void is the only thing that matters, because you can fill it with billions of dollars like Kylie Jenner, fill it with lies you are natural, fill it with unrealistic expectations, lie about your wealth, you yourself cannot meet. It will distract the world from your emptiness and lack of adult development, because the Kardashians must preserve their down in the dumps self esteem inflicted by their mother. Money and image is the only thing that matters, and the more inhuman and godly people perceive you, the more that delusional fantasy is reinforced, because the Kardashians are their self proclaimed gods, and they are their own worshippers, and if you do not worship them, you are fat, ugly, and stupid. Got it? The Kardashians are our gods, a prophet like Mohammed, metaphorically.


Scam the world, buy this product, you will have a surgical clown ass like Kim Kardashian, you will have an over filled pillow face like Kylie Jenner. Get an xray of your ass like Kim to prove it's natural, and get so much surgery you look like a shell of who you used to be. “My lip kit is responsible for my lips”. No Kylie, your surgeon is! Cry about your mild acne, and be delusional, be dramatic, seem as if you are about to tell the world about the color of your anus. Get so much surgery, that people go, is that you Khloe? Kendall Jenner is the “natural'' one of the bunch. Happy fathers day, Travis, after you are responsible for reinforcing recklessness at your concert; and your fans died because of poor event planning, the Kardashian curse is real. Travis Scott is only one of the victims constant attention seeking has.



Because the Kardashians are self-destructing, money isn’t their true motivation, generational narcissism is their goal. They must let their genes replicate, that is why they are living. And we LET them live. We REWARD NARCISSISM. You might say I am critical, but no one was critical when the Kardashians went and scammed the world, they're convincing millions of women they are repulsive because every single one of their pores weren't meticulously photoshopped out. I'm done letting the world criticize people because they can't meet an unrealistic standards, because everyone, including the Kardashians is good as they come, come as you are. Stop letting society tell you, that you are ugly, because you don't fill your face up with cement. No one is ugly, no one is perfect, I haven't met a single perfect person. If we are damned, because we are human, then what is the point of living?