The dishonorable, the narcissist, the powerhouse of “honor and integrity”


     One word; shame. It seems to control many of us. Shame is something we all feel, and toxic shame is the most driving of all, it is what turns you to fill a void, to suppress a feeling. When you’re far below in the dominance hierarchy, you turn to the past, which drives your present actions to revenge the past or you simply ruminate about it. Depression. China has been sitting with its losses for centuries and ruminating about every single detail. They sit with great anxiety, that spans, like a wall, protecting their weak inner core. You complain and refuse to take responsibility, you hold that resentment, China has been holding it, loudly and proudly for the past couple of centuries. The past has only reinforced their current day issues, because they refuse to take responsibility for their losses. How is china going to revenge its losses, and accomplish its goal of “world domination”? It seems like so far, no one is catching on, we’re too obsessed with “being nice to others”, than protecting the safety of our country. ByteDance is a Chinese corporation, their social media platform that catapulted China’s efforts, was initially called Musically. The application is one of the most predatory, as most social media applications are focused on making you addicted. Many creators of the apps you know and love, based in Silicon Valley admit they use techniques in the gambling industry to get you addicted to these apps. They also use similar strategies that gets you addicted to drugs. ByteDance has over a billion users. Now, ByteDance has created Tiktok, and it’s helping China spy on you.

     Tiktok tracks your IP address, which is your exact location. Your IP address can show your internet provider. The app also tracks your search history, which is a very good tool for marketing. It allows the company to get a very good look at your psychology, so they know exactly what to market to you. It also tracks your interactions with advertisers. Tiktok also tracks just about everything, about you. Do you ever read a company's privacy policy? No you don’t, be honest, and get a load of this, all this information is in their policy! So when a kid downloads the app, they have no idea what any of this means. Most users aren’t aware their every single move is being calculated by TikTok. Keep in mind, China claims it is a “developing country”, so if you say anything about them spying on you, you’re just insensitive. China has extremely strict rules to what can be online, and they are known for taking anything and everything down that is slightly deviated to what is “acceptable”. ByteDance shut down Neihan Duanzi. It was a social media platform based in China. Its purpose was to share comedy. After China said they weren’t a fan, the developers willingly, without hesitation shut down the application. China then justified this, by hiring their own reviewers to confirm their supposed claims. China is the epitome of societal oppression, their society is virtually wearing training wheels at all times. They put you on a leash for so long, eventually, even if they take it off, you’ll stand by them like you are their obedient pet - on a leash. Now, jokes are offensive in China? Do they expect you to have the personality of a warm glass of water, flavorless, and least offensive? Do they expect everyone to get the same haircut as well?  If an app claims it is secure, how can you abide by a communist government's rules? Freedom inherently cannot co-exist with such hysterical ideologies. China isn’t new to spying on its citizens. They already implemented laws so they can request every single piece of their citizen's data, and since TikTok is a Chinese-based application, it includes your data too. Tiktok has your fingerprint, Tiktok is on its way to tracking every single one of its users. When you buy purchases on the app, Tiktok stores the information you used to purchase those items. Tiktok also has the ability to store your exact, digitally reconstructed face. To top it all off, I’ll introduce you to China’s National Intelligence Law. Any Chinese company must hand over information of any kind to China, and by the way, China has their government in almost every single business based in their wonderful country. Just about any business in China must have the government embedded within their business. Don’t blame ByteDance, blame the Chinese government, ByteDance and many other Chinese corporations simply want to create a social media platform or business, however, that isn’t possible with the regulations they must abide by.

     Remember, your data is China’s property because you’re using their app, with their rules. If you want to escape the eyes of others, delete the application. The solution is simple, we, as a country need to stop abiding by their rules. If China wants to market apps to us, they must abide by our rules. It’s probably far better for your mental health if you let go of the pleasure associated with TikTok. Is seeing someone dance on TikTok, worth China knowing every single detail about you? It isn’t for me and I hope it isn’t for you. If China claims to be based on honor and integrity, how about they show some? Is winning the magical “world domination” the dirtiest way possible, based in honor? To me, it seems their motos are a cover-up for their true intentions. Remember, you are China’s property. If China had a magical world, that catered to their beliefs, they would own you; they’ll only reinforce it. Day by day, they will watch your every move, you’ll walk down the street, being recorded, a Chinese representative from the government will listen to your every single word, carefully; so you do not say anything “offensive”. When you don’t abide by their ridiculously unachievable standards, you are now their target. And when your company doesn’t completely abide by China’s rules, they don’t care about your wellbeing, shut it down because we said so. China wants to control and manipulate you, and turn you into a spineless jellyfish, so they can step all over you. They want to peel you back, layer by layer, like an onion. They want to see the every-single layer that captures your soul, and analyze it. They want to see your weakness. And day by day, they’ll crush you, under their feet, you will give up. You are nothing in their eyes. You realize, there is no point in fighting them, they read you like a book, and they know you better than you know yourself. And day by day, they know more and more about you, you’re in a victim mindset. Remember, take basic necessities away, they will never remember the freedom they lost. You are now oblivious to their abuse. And day by day, you begin to believe you are nothing, because that’s all the future generations have ever known.

 Author and publisher @Lobonewyork, 8/2/2022