Stop wasting your life


I feel like I’m wasting my life

Like it’s all running away from me

I feel like I’m letting it slip away,

And if I made some slight changes 

I wouldn’t have to watch a movie of tragedy 

I feel like I’m wasting my life

Thinking about the past

Trying to replay it

Because no matter how long I play the movie back, the ending is the same

And I feel like they won,

Everyone that has put me in this spot, to waste my life

They won

They got what they wanted

And I’m writing this summarizing the fact that I’m wasting my life

Wasting my life, realizing i’m wasting my life,

This is not the life I want to live

I wasted my life,

Caring about what other people thought of me

I wasted my life,

Listening to what other people say, even though reality is so different;

From the thoughts of others

I’m living someone else’s life

Not the life I want to live

People say stupid things, to make themselves feel better

To put themselves on a pedestal,

I’m done wasting my life caring about how other people see reality

Because what matters is my life