Ned Fulmer, the try guy "loves himself" more than his wife


Ned Fulmer


It seems like Ned, undoubtedly does not enjoy his relationship. He uses, bragging and boasting about his wife as a coping mechanism to get reassurance his relationship is totally not miserable, but it is a mere way to garner narcissistic supply, so he can fill this void. He and his wife seem insecure, and Ned, Ned seems like a deeply unhappy man. He is in a miserable, most likely sexless, depraving marriage, and he must keep this image up, because it is the only thing reassuring he did not make a desperate and miserable mistake in his supposedly most deep relationship he possesses, this marriage is a mere ploy to pile and layer the carpets onto the dirt and skeletons he possesses. This is only one of the skeletons in his closet, that fell on his head, and the bones of his skeleton penetrated his bones. He needs to fill this void, because the void is the only thing that maters. Anyway, my point is this loser Ned is a loser. The act of cheating, in any game in life, including marriage is increasingly becoming more and more pathetic over the years. 

Cheap paradises become more and more evidently popular, the act of getting a cheap thrill, is becoming the gold standard.

The act of cheating, is the act of neglecting yourself, the act of neglecting yourself is narcissism. The act of narcissism is an act of misery, and self neglect of your true personality. You sell yourself, to this growing demon, that overtakes you, it is a parasite, and you sell yourself, like Ned. You throw your psychological walls and bricks away, and you let a demon suck your blood, quite literally. Now you are a passenger to the vehicle you purchased, and you are watching your shadow drive this vehicle. It would be so miserable, to travel anywhere this second personality brings you to. Ned is a mere spectator to his comments about his undying "love" for his wife. It is a true Romeo and Juliet story, because Ned, he died, the true Ned, died for his wife, and his wife jumped in the well, and died with him metaphorically, they both drowned.

The act of cheating, is self betrayal; not loyalty betrayal. It is the ultimate act of deep insecurity, and a lack of love for yourself. Strong people don't break promises.



 Author and publisher @Lobonewyork, 9/28/2022