It has nothing to do with you

You know,

It has nothing to do with you

As long as you lived, that is who they always been

And you think it was different

Because you perceived it;

You thought it was a reflection of you

But is that what you wanted for someone else?

What if you lived through their eyes, and you were in their mind

Would you lay down the ax?

Because that’s not who you are

That’s their own misery

They project,

They predict rejection

Because they rejected themselves

You know, misery loves company

You know this deep down,

But it’s hard to accept;

People are doing things for themselves 

They live in their own minds

They see you as an extension of their own minds

They love to torture you, because

They love to torture themselves

People do things, not because it’s good or it makes sense; people want to feel “good” they want to feel better about themselves. People want to live a life that, they are the star of the show. They want to feel powerful, bigger than they are, because deep down they feel weak inside. So they’ll tear you down, because they know no other way to get their needs met. They don’t understand that they don’t have to be the way they are to accomplish their goals. People don’t understand that who they are is completely fine, because all they know is what they’ve been taught. When they grow up, all they know is the world around them, and they’re tortured. 

People sell a piece of them to become something bigger, they think they are becoming “more” but, all they’re doing is destroying themselves. They sell parts of their humanity, along with that comes destruction around them, because their reality must fit their “box” of what they think everything has to be. If reality deviates from what they think it should be, they don’t understand what’s wrong with it. Because if it doesn’t match, they have to admit, something is deeply wrong with the way they perceive reality, they have to admit, something is deeply wrong with them.

 Author and publisher @Lobonewyork, 9/17/2022