How a 17-year-old founded Lobo; the story of Lobo


Lobo was originally created, under a completely separate name, and a completely different person calling the shots. I started off designing the merchandise, and I had no idea what I was doing admittedly. My designs were horrendous, comparable to the website at the time. We had a very inexperienced web developer, and the photography was so bad, that people thought our website was a scam. Some people thought my clothes were designer once I started getting the hang of it. However, the horrible website wasn’t helping out with sales whatsoever. The whole project was a complete failure.

The company fell apart because of a greedy CEO and poor management. The web developer was receiving a 25% steak in the company! The website was horrible at best too… people refused to do their jobs, and others had to do it for them. Resentment grew, and so did my motivation to leave the company. The old CEO changed, but the problems didn’t seem to get better. Eventually, I left the company. I removed all my work from the website and started under my own reign. I did everyone’s job previously, and I realized It wasn’t so hard. 100% of the earnings go to me now, because I’m doing all the work. I was doing most of the work before anyway.

Regardless of how poor the experience was, I want to thank the old Lobo team for introducing me to eCommerce, I would have never created this gigantic company without you guys. You showed me how to run a business. You also showed me the employees I would never hire. If you really think about it, thank you for helping me be successful.