Welcome to my portfolio, I was expecting you to arrive soon. Greetings from, Gihan.


Graphic design

"Porcelain china" AI assisted product rendition

'LOBO Porcelain China', HOODIE

When they walk down the street
People ask, are you supposed to be porcelain china?
Yes I am, I wear the pattern of the dragons;
Synonymous with a plate
But I am human, you cannot eat off of me
But, What you can do, is drop me on the floor
And crack me in half
My head will split in two
A dragon will come out of my body
The dragon will weep for hours
Until you put him back in my body

 70% polyester, 27% cotton, 3% elastane

Soft within this hoodie, like a dragon's soul

Will protect you like a dragon's scales on a freezing cold night

Christian Dior Inspired, inspired by tapestry, but looks like porcelain china

"Untitled", AI assisted product rendition

"The Kraken" Digital


The kraken rises from the sea,
 It destroys by all means
 It rises up, and has the meanest grin you'll ever see
 It has the loudest roar you'll ever hear
 Its tail thrashes in the water, its powered revered
 The scream, like bolts of lightning, it travels through the water
 You can feel the waves
 You can feel the kraken, rise up from the sea

 70% polyester, 27% cotton, 3% elastane, fleece brushed inside

Vibrant print

Comes with drawstrings

 Blue and orange; complementary color scheme

 The wavy pattern reminiscent of abstract art Made in the US

Self portrait at 16 years old

I used real photos of my face, about 40 combines photos, mixed media 

"She who holds the mask"


"Resting bitch face"

Mixed media, lead pencil and paint

"Golden Ratio filter"



Prideful of your gender
Prideful of who is in the mirror
 Prideful of who you are
We are proud of Lobo
We are proud of who you are
Show us how proud you are
To be who you are
Because we accept you no matter who you are
Because we believe you are exceptional,
We believe being transgender is exceptional
Because we believe in self acceptance
Show the world how strong you are
Because we believe you are strong
Wear trans pride, wear Lobo’s pride in who you are ㅤ

 70% polyester, 27% cotton, 3% elastane

Transgender flag inspired color scheme

Made for all my trans friends; shout out to you

AI assisted photo rendition


Death knocks on doors
 Because it likes to take its fist and break your ear drums with its fist
 It'll whisper sweetness in your ears
 And when you're sleeping; It'll begin to knock on deaths doors
 And when you sleep silently in the night
 You'll hear it creep from under your bed
 It has eyes,
 And when you look back in its eyes, you look back at yourself

100% polyester, sleek, classy finish

 Collage, Supreme inspired

 Bound to keep you safe with its softness on a malevolent night


"Someone important"

Acrylic paint on cardboard 




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